About Eden Concepts
“Live. Grow. Harmonize”


Our Mission


I’ve been asked why we named this company Eden Concepts.  I have to give credit to a good friend who, like me, enjoys a good hike.
He once told me, “We were made to live in a garden.”

We’re not working to recreate the Garden of Eden (or anything close to it), but we do believe that harmony is the original way we were intended to live.  I was taught in engineering school that friction wastes energy and should be minimized in order to have a smooth, well functioning system.  In Eden Concepts, we believe everything we do as a company should project harmony in relationships with our team, our clients and all other partners.

Concept Lab


Our Concept Lab is currently a virtual lab where we explore opportunities.  We develop a project plan that includes customer research, financial analysis and preliminary technical analysis to determine how or if to move forward with a concept.

Currently we are focusing on a revolutionary precision seeding solution for the commercial vegetable and flower industries worldwide.   We believe this solution will help solve the labor shortage issues facing many growers.  We need a strong partner to join this project and help make it a reality.  If you are interested, please contact us!



Product Development
We supplement your team in product development by providing outside perspectives on potential solutions.

Project Management
We offer contract project management services on a per hour basis.  We can assist with all phases of a project using either waterfall, agile/scrum or scrumfall methodologies.
Walter Cromer is a certified project manager with over 20 years of IT project management experience in many types of IT projects.  His certifications include PMP, PMI-ACP and CSM.  He can adapt project management to your needs using his “just the right amount of project management” philosophy.

Business Executive Coaching on IT
We provide business executives with valuable assistance gaining greater understanding of IT solutions and how they can benefit their business.  We speak business and IT well.  And we listen even  better so if you need an independent adviser to discuss your IT needs with, contact us!



Here are some of our current clients and partners.

We welcome the recent addition of Rabbit Tractors as a partner! We’re very excited to partner with them in the development of autonomous solutions for commercial vegetable and flower growers.

And thanks to our other valuable clients for their continued support!